Cloud Nothings Show Preview

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    Mon Feb 06 2017

Author: Izzy Fradin

This coming Thursday Cloud Nothings will be reclaiming the High Noon Saloon to celebrate the release of their fourth full-length LP: Life Without Sound. Cloud Nothings is the project of Cleveland, Ohio native Dylan Baldi, and started back in 2009 as a grown-up teenage garage rock outfit. While nothing about their style is anything too far off from most lo-fi punk, rock or post-rock groups, there is something about Cloud Nothings that catches people off guard. There is absolutely an element of pop in their sound — particularly on their sophomore album Attack On Memory featuring their biggest hit “Stay Useless”. But their pop gets drenched in fuzz, angst and emotion to the point where it is almost unrecognizable.

Their most recent release has been playing on heavy rotation at station since we've had it in our possession because no matter how you want to classify them, there is something special about Cloud Nothings. I'm looking forward to the noisy, hard hitting excitement that comes with seeing the Cloud Nothings live. I last saw them in Chicago for the release of their darkest and most blique album, Here and Nowhere Else, and left the show feeling both exhausted emotionally, and amped up energetically. I hope that with the addition of their latest release, Cloud Nothings will deliver on another crowd stunning act.