Black Tiger Sex Machine Show Review

Author: Spencer Bierman 


Three Furry Unicorns.

Sixty Tiedye Shirts.

Two Hundred Kandi Bracelets.

No, this isn’t a warped rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song but is instead what I witnessed walking into the Majestic Theatre this past Wednesday, February 15th, for the Black Tiger Sex Machine Show.

Going into this show I was skeptical of if I would like the band, because although I am not usually a fan of EDM, I was curious as to why BTSM fans refer to their live sets as “Church.” Before BTSM took the stage Kaiwachi performed. I had not listened to him before, but his loud, chaotic, dance music is what I expected from this kind of show. All together I was enjoying the night so far, and was excited for what would come next.

Following KaiWachi was Dabin. Once again, I had not heard of this opener, but to my surprise I soon saw, and heard, that his show consisted of looping, sampling, and live instrumentals that blew me away. Dabin had a genuine feel to him, making it seem like he was enjoying performing just as much as the crowd was enjoying listening. Overall, I must say that Dabin stole the show that night, coming out of the blue to bring live composition to an otherwise computerized evening.


Finally, at around 11:30, way past my bedtime on a Wednesday night, Black Tiger Sex Machine took the stage. Their show began dark besides a few wandering spotlights, and their music a low orchestral hum. Soon, their mesmerizing light display turned on, and the crowd turned up as their display and tiger masks flashed to the bass of the three-piece EDM group. The show was a party and energetic, but I could not overcome the looming sense of a nosebleed via tremendous bass.



All in all, the show was a nice celebration of hump day, and the time was well spent dancing with strangers enjoying the common factor of music. What I learned was the when you go to a BTSM show and experience “Church” they are not just talking about the music, but the mish-moshed crowd of hazy-eyed fans spazzing to the beat of their own drum.