The Growlers Show Preview

Author: Enkhjin Uyenbat
The Growlers’ eclectic sound is gracing Madison with its presence again on Wednesday, March 8th at the Majestic Theatre. Swooning us back in 2015 with Gilded Pleasures and Hung At Heart, the Growlers haven’t been in Madison since 2015, so welcome them back with open arms and open ears.


Since the release of their fifth studio record, City Club, the West Coast rockers have honed their “beach goth” signature blend with the help of Julian Casablancas from The Strokes. The entire album has a slow, retro vibe that you can’t forget. The Orange County-based band consists of Brooks Nielsen (vocals), Matt Taylor (lead guitar), and Kyle Straka (keyboards/guitar). While the band originally included Anthony Perry (bass) and Scott Montoya (drums), the band confirmed Montoya’s departure and that Perry was taking a hiatus for the time being. Previously touring with artists such as Julian Casablancas, The Black Keys, and Devendra Banhart, the Growlers have been around the block a few times. Tinkering on the borders of brit pop, psychedelic, and surf rock, the band is ready to move you with their upbeat sounds paired with downer lyrics. So when the going gets tough, take a break and join the one million lovers of the Growlers on March 8th.