Vibe Street Show Review

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    Thu Mar 02 2017

Author: Ryan Breon

The Frequency was abuzz with energy this past Friday night, as Vibe Street, supported by Evanoff, provided grooving tunes for the crowd to jam out. I felt a sense of comfortable connection between those in attendance, as it was not too crowded and in an intimate setting up close to the artists allowing for a better sense of connection. On the side of the stage, a girl was blissfully painting what appeared to Gary The Snail from Spongebob, and fans danced and bobbed along to the music. Vibe Street came out with a bountiful amount of energy, delivering his patented grass-hop/future-funk music with a passion that everyone picked up on. Vibe Street utilized some manipulation of his beats through a drum pad and DJ equipment and kept energy levels high throughout the entirety of his set. I enjoyed his synthesizing of genres and incorporation of samples throughout but was disappointed that he did not employ the use of any live instrumentation during his set. Nevertheless, Vibe Street delivered his unique sound in a positive atmosphere surrounded by happy people, creating a pleasant environment and an overall great show-out.