SXSW Show Preview

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    Fri Mar 03 2017

PART 3 – Author: Izzy Fradin & Audrey Bachman
Ohmigosh. We cannot believe we are getting on a plane headed for Austin within a few hours. The time has come, we are ready for the music to change our lives. Here we are. Here's the last of the previews we'll be giving. Stay tuned for updates on the festival via social media (Twitter: @wsum, Instagram: @wsum91.7), and have a great week Madison.


We are so pumped to see the classy duo of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. Their debut album Before the World Was Big stole our heart, and validated all of our thoughts about growing up. Their new album is due out later this year featuring the blissfully nostalgic single “1,2,3,”. We are interested to see how their new, more balanced direction will impact their stage presence.


The Bloomington Indiana 80's loving dreamy synth rock gang is bound to deliver yet another set of stellar performances. We had the pleasure of hosting them for this year's Snake on the Lake fest, and were nothing short of star struck. We can't wait to see them again and hear their new fuzzy, dancey, sensual tunes like “Gemini”. We are also so eager to see Kevin Krauter-Hoops bassist's solo set. He's full of sweet, melodic lullabies which will be a lovely way to easing us through the chaos of the week.


Austin, Texas natives Spoon are quintessentially indie rock. Starting back in the late 90's but peaking in the early 2000's, their feel-good, nostalgia heavy, mature rock and roll has graced the ears of many an experimenting music fan. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to witness the majesty in person of tracks like “The Underdog,” and of course, Izzy's favorite “Advance Cassette”. Something about the care-free melancholy of singer and songwriter Britt Daniels carries us away to concrete, but distant places.


M. Ward
A feature of the Twin Peaks TV show themed showcase will be the great M. Ward. His heavy, acoustic songs, coupled with vastly poetic lyrics will enhance the eerie environment of the lodge. In such a strange new place, his songs are sure to bring us warmth and comfort to complement the fresh smell of pie. M. Ward has nothing to hide, bears the weight of his songs on his shoulders, like on the track “Sad, Sad Song”.


Forth Wanderers
Hailing from the East Coast is a sound influenced by math and punk, but equally by pop. The Forth Wanderers have a sound that is truly their own. The voice of Ava Trilling captures the full spectrum of emotion without ever coming off as dramatic. She is cool and witted from track to track and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Songs like “Tough Love” hit you where it hurts the most, and remind each of us not to let petty nonsense get the best of us.

PART 2 – Author: Izzy Fradin & Audrey Bachman


The Georgia-based trio is one of the most exciting things to happen to punk in a long time. Their sound brings sunshine to a gloomy dark genre. Their songs are catchy to their core, impossibly dancey, and venture to all sorts of sonic spaces. We're so excited to catch them live and see their riffed up jams like “Wire” in action.


Gabriel Garzón-Montano
Gabriel is a new voice on the alternative R&B scene, but he sound like a seasoned veteran. He's got a voice like honey that's sweet and silky, and writes dynamic, multi-faceted songs like our favorite from LP Jardin,  “Sour Mango”. There's gonna be a lot of swaying to the beat, and getting funky on the dance floor with this show.


We are incredibly excited about the rare opportunity to see Bilal live in concert. Bilal is one of the most underappreciated, prolific artists in the game. His vocal chops are beyond compare, and he's worked with names like Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, J Dilla, Robert Glasper (who's also performing at SXSW). We can't wait to hear some of his smooth, jazzed up soul on grooves like “Soul Sista” in person, it's truly going to be an experience.


White Reaper
We cannot wait to see White Reaper in Austin. The Louisville, Kentucky-based garage punk group puts a modern spin on the Buzzcocks sound we love. We're excited to to let their contagiously energetic, fast-paced guitar and drums pump us up in the Austin heat. And, if the fact that their second LP is called White Reaper Does it Again isn't enough to convince you how cool these guys are, notice the bandana on Tony's leg (far left) – a nod at punk legend Joe Strummer. Check out this jam session.


A Giant Dog
Perhaps the coolest Austin punk band right now – A Giant Dog will surely knock our socks off and show us around their home town. Their 2016 album, Pile, released on Merge Records, is filled with reminders to make every day about having a blast and making memories. On top of their animated, flashy sound, we cannot wait to see what cool outfits lead singer Sabrina Ellis will be wearing. Here's a hint of some ensembles we can expect.


We are SO excited to be headed to Austin in 2.5 weeks for SXSW. There are an unbelievable number of acts that will be performing, and we're still trying to figure out how we're going to see them all! As part of an ongoing preview for the festival, we'll be updating you on several of the bands we're most excited to check out every few days. Below you'll see the first 5 that are must-sees in our eyes for the festival. Enjoy and check ‘em out. There's so much to listen to.


All her songs are super fun vignettes that make you feel good. She inspires Audrey to learn the bass. Her minimalist approach to punk bring a breath of fresh air to the genre. Her vocals are unapologetically raw- like melodic spoken word. They are full of punchy lines of aggression, but also moody moments of self-embrace as on the song “True Killer”.


Real Estate
With a new line-up, Real Estate is going to be a show to see. With Julian Lynch taking over as head songwriter, we can expect the lineup to feature the same great nostalgia filled tracks, but with a dreamier, more synth oriented sound. We're excited to heat the new tracks they've been working on, but also to let the power of some of their greatest tunes like “Beach Comber,” “April's Song” and “Municipality” breeze across our ears.


The Parrots
The Madrid-based trio Parrots takes on some of the traditional tropes of garage-rock, but with a modern twist. They incorporate some of the loosey-goosey silliness coming out of Spain in the past few years (see Hinds, Mourn, etc.), but also embrace some of the brighter, more glam-oriented aspects of the genre. As on the track “ No Me Gusta, Te Quiero,” their music lets you hang loose and hang out – quintessential Spanish stoner rock.


Nick Hakim
Coming to fame from select soundcloud tracks like “I Don't Know,” Nick Hakim has explored the depths of R&B and brought to light a new, fresh, take on the genre. His voice is smoother than silk, and has both sensual and sleepy qualities. We're so excited to get our “sway” on while he rocks us gently with his sweet, sweet grooves. Underneath his luscious vocals lie dense, dreamy layers of instrumentation, with guitar solo's also know for melting minds.


Delicate Steve
If you're looking for intense guitar work that can take you all over the emotional spectrum, Delicate Steve is the guy for you. Steve is known for his instrumental ballads featuring dense layers of guitars, basic rhythms, and, playful synths. His music travels through time to bring you to places and moments you've never experienced. His music is transcendental in its ability to imagine new worlds and experiences. He is brilliant when it comes to playing with guitar effects in order to create adventurous moods – effectively guiding you to worlds unseen, as with the song “Wally Wilder”.