On Wisconsin – 3.6.17 Show Recap


Author: Sofi Lalonde
Hey On Wisconsin listeners. If you missed our show on Monday morning, don’t worry. I’m here to give you a quick recap of the show and point you to some more information if you wish to learn more.

On Monday, we celebrated International Women’s Day and Women’s history month with a show all about women! We had two fabulous UW women come in and talk about their local efforts to highlight international women’s day, and closed the show with a discussion about women in movies and an upcoming film festival about women.

Our first guest was Lori DiPrete Brown. Lori is an Associate Director of the Global Health Institute and the Director of the 4W Initiative. The 4W Initiative stands for “Women and Their Well being in Wisconsin and the World” and brings, as Lori calls it, a “local to global” focus on women’s issues. You can read more about 4W and their projects on their website!

We were also joined by Emilie Songolo, a UW Madison librarian and community organizer for local International Women’s Day events here in Madison. We talked a lot about the power of information and why she’s passionate about her work with students. We also discussed her recent International Women’s Day event and some of the speakers and community events throughout the day. You can read more about Emilie and her recent award here.

Lastly, we closed the day with another discussion about movies, but this time, about the Directress Film Festival hosted by WUD Film. The film festival starts Thursday March 9th at the Marquee at Union South, and is featuring films that are directed by women all weekend. We talked with Quintin Kuo, who joined us last week to talk for our Oscars recap, about the process of finding these films, representation of women in film, other programming that WUD Film plans. If you’re interested in going to the event, you can find more information and movie times on the WUD Film website.

That’s our Monday show! Don’t forget to tune into WSUM 91.7FM next Monday at 8am!