On Wisconsin – Show 4.3.17 Recap

Author: Sofi Lalonde
Hey On Wisconsin listeners! We are back with the blog posts and ready to get you informed about VOTING! That’s right, yesterday our show was all about today’s election. There is still time for you to vote today! Find out more about what’s on the ballot, how to register, and where to vote at www.myvote.wi.gov.

We were joined by both candidates who are on the ballot for Circuit Court Judge, Judge Marilyn Townsend and Attorney Jill Karofsky, who talked about why they are running and what experience they can bring to the court. Judge Townsend currently presides over Municipal court, but wants to bring her experience as a civil rights lawyer to the Circuit Court. Attorney Karofsky has been a lawyer for many criminal cases and wants to bring her expertise in overseeing criminal cases to Circuit Court. More information about Judge Townsend can be found on her campaign website, and additional information about Attorney Karofsky can be found on her website as well.

You may be asking: what’s the difference between municipal and circuit courts? Municipal courts oversee traffic, parking and ordinance matters. Circuit courts are trial courts. There are currently 249 circuit court judges in Wisconsin. If you want to read up on these candidates, check out this article in the Isthmus.

We closed out yesterday’s show with an interview with Claire Steven, a community outreach intern at the Morgridge Center for Public Service. We talked about the importance of civic engagement and community organizing within the Madison community, as well as the importance of engagement within the democratic process. Claire is also a super whiz with voting information, and told us all about how to vote today.

Remember: if you’re an out of state student, you must present a valid voter ID from Union South as well as proof of enrollment when you register and vote. If you voted in November’s election and haven’t moved, you are still registered to vote. If you didn’t vote or have moved since November, you can still register to vote today. Again, all this information can be found at www.myvote.wi.gov.

That’s the show recap for April 3rd! Thanks for tuning in and remember to get to the polls today!! See you next week at 8am! Remember to follow us on Twitter at @OnWisconsinWSUM!