White Reaper Show Review

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    Sat Apr 29 2017

Author: Marko Uzeirovic

White Reaper performed to a packed crowed at The Frequency on Tuesday bringing their high octane rock show to Madison.

The band is touring following the release of their record World's Best American Band. To match their hefty claim, the band gave hard hitting performance filled with power stances and mosh pits. The band's energy filled the room as if it was an arena.

Opener No Parents also gave an exceptional performance filled with high paced two-minute long songs and salsa dancing.  The band's performance was highly unapologetic and brash making a great opener for White Reaper.

White Reaper closed the show without an encore. The show felt much like the band's idol, Muahammad Ali's 1964 bout against Sonny Liston. Coming in as a loud-mouthed, young group, blasting hard-hitting rock tunes, and at the end of the show making the crowd believe, if they don't already, that this group is something special. Above all, the band's ability to have fun and create a fun environment is impressive and rare, and, after all, isn't that what concerts should be all about?

If you missed White Reaper, don't worry. The world's best American band will likely return as lead singer Tony Esposito told me in Terminator fashion, “we'll be back.”

Show Preview – 4.29.17
“The World's Best American Band” Comes to Madison

This Tuesday, May 2, the self-proclaimed “world's best American band” will stop in Madison and perform at The Frequency. The band made a strong case for the title on their sophomore album The World's Best American Band, and their energetic live shows further that case.

The Louisville based band take an unapologetic approach to rock music that is rare in the age of countless “rock is dead” articles, and this is the most appealing part of the band. Their stadium sized anthems are performed in smaller venues like The Frequency making their punches hit that much harder.

Hitting hard with their boisterous cockiness, the band even allude to another Louisville native, the late great Muhammad Ali. With “just like Muhammad Ali was the greatest, you gotta say it out loud for people to believe it,” being one of the most memorable lines from the band's latest record, and of 2017 as a whole.

Joining White Reaper, are No Parents and Clean Room. No Parents have been labelled the “rowdiest” band in the LA DIY scene by LA Weekly. With Clean Room bringing some Madison flavor to the stage.

White Reaper's show should bring their prophetic rock legend concept present in The World's Best American Band to life in their performance at The Frequency. If you haven't been convinced by now, I'll let the band speak for themselves about what it means to rock from an interview with Uproxx's Steven Hyden. “It means that you play dope riffs, and just bang real hard, and just hammer that out and jam with your buds. It's pretty easy. It's just rock and roll.”

So if you come to The Frequency on Tuesday, be sure to bring some buds and just jam out.  Because that's rock and roll.

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