Lewis Del Mar Show Review

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    Sat May 06 2017

Author: David Heinrich

Lewis Del Mar and Anna Wise took the stage last Tuesday at the High Noon Saloon and it was a night to remember. The duo from Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York brought the energy to the High Noon and had everyone dancing and grooving.

The night got off to a great start with Grammy-winning songwriter Anna Wise. She earned herself a Grammy for her work on the Kendrick Lamar track “These Walls”, but her set was comprised of completely her solo work. Drawing on her two EPs, The Feminine: Act I and The Feminine: Act II as well as a cover and a few abstract vocal loops, her set really warmed up the crowd. She had a lot of energy and was really candid and fun in between songs. She even came into the crowd during her closer “Go” and danced with me and my friend. Her voice is honestly angelic, and her range is everything from a low alto to a coloratura soprano, and I was left in awe.

Lewis Del Mar came on shortly after and wowed the crowd. A few favorites from the night for me were “Painting (Masterpiece)” and the driving “Malt Liquor” which I've featured on my show before. The whole set was great though, pleasing both the big Lewis Del Mar fans in the audience (of which there were plenty) and those who were less familiar with their music. Danny, the lead singer, was also very down-to-earth and humble between songs. He profusely thanked the audience for being there, as this was one of their first headline tours. They've played a few shows as the top name on the bill (including Live on King Street last summer here in Madison) but he said that it meant the world to be playing for their own fans rather than opening for bigger acts. The stages may be smaller, but it was much more meaningful to Danny and Max. The highlight of the set was the encore. It was two songs, and the first featured a reappearance from Anna Wise. They brought her out to sing backup vocals and her own verse on a cover of the Kanye West classic “Runaway” which really got me hyped. They closed with their smash hit “Loud(y)” and left the crowd with fun memories and positive vibes. All in all, a great night.