Mamby On The Beach 2017 Review

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    Mon Jun 05 2017

Author: David Heinrich

Mamby on the Beach 2017 was an incredible time. Only in its third year, Mamby is already making a name for itself as one of the best music festivals in Chicago. Here were some of my favorite parts of the festival last weekend.

Best Acts of the Weekend

Miike Snow brought incredible vocals and a ton of energy to the Beach Stage Saturday night. The crowd was so into it, too. The Swedes put on my favorite show of the weekend. The fun atmosphere, the soaring synth riffs, and Andrew Wyatt's amazing voice combined for a show I won't soon forget.

These guys really know how to put on a show. First, they took the stake all dressed in matching astronaut suits. Next, four extra members joined them onstage, seemingly for the express purpose of dancing and crowd surfing. They also brought out inflatables ranging from a hot dog and banana to a swan that they rode on (pictured). Not to mention, the music was fantastic. Really groovy tunes soundtracked what was honestly just a wild spectacle. Definitely haven't danced that much in a while.

What a homecoming it was for Saba. Joined by the rest of his squad, the Pivot Gang, Saba really got the beach moving on Saturday afternoon. No Chance guest spot for Angels, unfortunately, but Saba dazzled the crowd with songs from his mixtape Bucket List Project and proved that hometown shows really are the best.

Another WSUM DJ, Spencer Bierman, also found himself on the beach last weekend and said that Todd Terje's evening set at the Park Stage was his favorite of the weekend. Special mention for “Preben Goes To Acapulco”, definitively the best Todd Terje song and title.

Another part of the crazy trio of acts on the Park Stage Sunday night. Spencer grabbed this sweet picture (I assume) during the one moment he wasn't busy dancing.

Watching Thundercat perform was almost hypnotizing. For long sections of songs, he and his two bandmates would just jam and riff a freeform instrumental break, and watching Thundercat's fingers on the bass almost made me dizzy. The man is a true virtuoso of the bass and I was blown away.

I went into Sango's set with Spencer not knowing much of his music, but he threw down a DJ set that had everyone vibing. From his own music he's produced, to his samba-esque newer material, to Migos and Drake, there was something for everyone in his wild repertoire.

Guest Appearances

The weekend was full of collaboration and guest spots. Smino, whose excellent album BLK SWN came out this year, featured during both Ravyn Lenae and Saba's sets. Joey Purp came out during an early-day set from OddCouple and killed it with his song “Girls @”. Those were just the three that I saw, there were a couple others over the course of the weekend as well. It really helped out with the overall vibe of the festival.

For a fest only in its third year, Mamby is killing it. In Chicago's crowded festival market, Mamby is a hidden gem. The people were friendly and inviting, and everyone seemed to be having the best time. The food was delicious, with highlights from local Chicago restaurant options on sale for very reasonable prices. My favorite was a Bacon Ranch Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese sandwich from Doom Street Eats. I also ate some delicious Wow Bao, a favorite of mine from Lollapalooza last year, and drank a lot of promotional Vitamin Water (which I now drink regularly, it's delicious). With two great stages, a fun DJ tent, lots of art and other activities, all in a great and unique beach location, with a Chicago Skyline view to boot, Mamby is only going to grow from here. I can't wait to be back next year.