Betty Who Show Review

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    Sun Sep 03 2017

Author: Allison Hartwig

Excitement was in the air Sunday night as fans of Australian indie pop singer Betty Who lined the sidewalk outside the Majestic theatre. The perfectly named “Who Crew” included first timers such as myself, and others who had seen her perform five or more times. As 7 pm finally rolled around, the doors opened and many people flooded towards the stage to secure their spot as close to the singer as possible. The lights finally dimmed at 8, with the start of the opening acts.

First up was Jackson Harris, a pop singer from New York with a very current, smooth sound. He featured songs off his most recent EP, Sharks and Vampires, as well as his August 2017 single “Ghost”. His personality captured the stage, and he was extremely enthusiastic about his work and passion. Following Harris was Geographer, an indie band with a great sound and a variety of instruments at their disposal. Using sound looping, an electric cello, and various other tools, the band created a mixture of sounds. A highlight for me was the song “This is How We Walk on the Moon” from their 2015 EP Endless Motion because of its simple system of notes, repeated using different instruments.

At last, as the stage turned dark except for beams of light, the haunting a Capella sounds of “The Valley” echoed in the theatre. Betty slowly walked to center stage, captivating the screaming audience. She started off with a medley of songs from her newest album, flowing from one dance hit to another. She encouraged the fans to dance along with her, as this was the “Party in the Valley” tour. At about the middle of her set, she slowed it down to only her and an acoustic guitar, playing “California Rain” from “Take Me When You Go”. Betty commented on the politeness of the Midwestern crowd, as the entire theatre was silent for her song. Her perfectly clear tone echoed through the theatre, and it was the quietest concert moment I had ever experienced.

Betty Who's talent, both in dancing and singing was even more than I had expected. Her voice was so pure, even while dancing to a fast-paced song. She made it feel like you were just having a dance party with her, as if you were long-time friends. Highlights for me included the songs “Make You Memories”, “High Society”, and “Blue Heaven Midnight Crush”. Betty's encore was especially memorable, ending with two of her most popular songs, “I Love You Always Forever” and “Somebody Loves You”. Overall, an amazing night of dance and talent.