Spoon, Twin Peaks Show Review

Author: Ryan Breon

Photo courtesy: @jerodgibson on Instagram

The Orpheum was alive with energy Thursday night as the crowd prepared for Spoon to take the stage. Twin Peaks, the opener, riled the crowd up with their gritty rock and exciting stage performance. Having been to Madison several times before, there was a welcome crowd for the 5-man band hailing from Chicago.

After a final send-off song and a long wait period in between sets, Spoon emerged. Initially, just the piano player Alex Fischel came out under the spotlight. Not long after, the rest of the band emerged and the show was on its way. Lead singer Brian Eno shined through with his classic voice as they played crowd favorites like Inside Out and Do You.

Compared to Twin Peaks, Spoon’s sound sounded a lot more crisp, almost commercial-like in its composition.  I guess that is to be expected from such a well-established band that has been touring for so long, but the distinction between Twin Peaks and Spoon was clear.

As the night progressed, the crowd casually bobbed along, yet it seemed that the Orpheum was lacking in energy. True, Spoon’s music is not the most head rocking of music, but it did seem almost as if they were just going through the motions without much ad lib. At one point a man even stood up and shouted, “Stop going through the motions!” as he was clearly disappointed in the lack of energy.

Still, all in all the show was enjoyable and seeing the stage setup and hearing Spoon’s music live was as enjoyable as one could expect, stage performance concerns aside. The energy in the crowd was comfortable and spacious creating a suitable environment for one to bob and sing along.  An enjoyable show through and through, Spoon delivered their laid-back style and catchy music to a receptive crowd.