Thundercat Show Preview

Author: Nathan Allen Sihakom

ThunderCats was a 1980’s animated series featuring catlike humanoid heroes revolving around a legendary sword called The Sword of Omens. The cartoon featured magic, myth, and futuristic technology, weaving science fiction and fantasy. It was a favorite of musician Stephen Bruner, known for wielding a powerful instrumental axe of his own, a 6-string bass guitar. Stephen’s alter-ego Thundercat, is a perfect fit for his musical persona, as his music is an eclectic, hazy jazz/hip-hop fusion. Be prepared to be struck by lightning.

Thundercat aka Stephen Bruner is well known to be a major contributor to Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy-Winning album To Pimp a Butterfly (2015). Its jazz influences can be attributed to Bruner and his smooth bass-lines. He’s worked with artists Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, and Stanley Clark. He grew up in a very musical home, as his father, Ronald Bruner, Sr. is an internationally renowned jazz drummer, played for the Temptations, Diana Ross, and Gladys Knight, as well as his brother Ronald Bruner, Jr. is a Grammy-winning drummer. Being talented himself, Thundercat plays an unconventional 6-string bass, frenetically with unforeseen skill; his own Sword of Omens.

Coming to the Majestic theater September 19, 2017, Thundercat will be performing featuring Saco & Uno, a group from Tokyo, Japan, playing atmospheric electronic music. I imagine the show to be a fantastical, psychedelic, funky experience.


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