Snake On The Lake 2017 Recap

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Author: Izzy Fradin
Snake On The Lake was really an incredible night. Each band had something unique to bring to the table, we packed the Frequency, and at the end of the day, the night was a celebration of independent music and the friends that make the scene so special. There were tons of great memories from the night, but some of my favorites came from doing these interviews with each of the bands, and learning about the music that makes them tick. It's so fun to trace the connections and overlaps the bands had in terms of influences or interests, and I hope you'll have as much fun reading as I had conducting the interviews.

If you had to embody your band's sound in a movie, which movie would it be?

Ducktails (Matt Mondanile): Space Jam.

Kainalu: It'd probably be some weird NYC student flick…

Puzzle Quest: Slacker…that's fitting for sure.

Greenhaus: Clockwork Orange….no I'm thinking Pulp Fiction. Cause it's low key, but then you get that crazy shit.

The Slaps: That's a Ramsey Question…what's the one with the dog…?
Ramsey: All Dogs Go To Heaven.

If you could have written any song in history?

Ducktails: “Only Love Will Break Your Heart” – Neil Young

Kainalu: Row Row Row your boat…especially when they do the rounds…Stairway to Heaven…I would do the chord that plays when you turn on the Mac [laughs] you guys we're all fucking sellouts. This is just who can make the most royalty money.

Puzzle Quest:
Paul- “I'm only sleeping” – The Beatles
Kai – “Day In the Life” – The Beatles
Wyatt – “Breathe” – Pink Floyd
Grant – “Powerman” – The Kinks

Halle – “Cherry Glazerr-Trick or Treat Dance Floor
Karl- “To Here Knows When” – My Bloody Valentine because it's the best song ever made…
Jack- “Achilles Last Stand” – Led Zeppelin
Matt- “Hell is Chrome” – Wilco

Rand- “Tango til They're Sore” – Tom Waits
Ramsey- What's gonna make me sound cool? “Nikes” – Frank Ocean
Josh- “Umbilical Moonrise” – Lotus

What is something people don't know about you?

Ducktails: I'm pretty into old video game systems like Sega Genesis and Nintendo but I'm not into video games.

Kainalu: uhh…that we're a band. Also everyone here plays in different bands.  They're all just helping out.

Puzzle Quest:
Paul- I don't like running…
Wyatt- But you do it all the time.
Paul- Exactly.
Kai- I played in a contradance band for two years maybe.
Wyatt- I'm trying to think of an obscure story from my life… I know a lot about rocket ships.
Grant- In college I have to hide my sports fandom.

Greenhaus: We write music very collaboratively [laughs].

Slaps: We wrote Nikes by Frank Ocean.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ducktails: A cartoonist.

Kainalu: When I was young I thought I was really ugly, and I thought they took all the ugly people and made them crash test dummies, so I thought I would do that. Astronaut, but I was in class and saw the discovery crash, and then I was done with that. Accountant…no astronaut. Musician…then canine police officer…then back to musician.

Puzzle Quest:
Paul- I wanted to be a weatherman but I didn't know what that meant and now that's actually what I'm doing.
Kai- A painter or I don't know, my dad was a professor so probably that.
Wyatt- Architect, until seventh grade, was my go-to answer.
Grant- I remember saying lawyer a lot…cause it made my parents really happy.

Halle- First grade teacher.
Karl- Inventor.
Jack- Financially stable.
Matt- I wanted to be one of those animal cops you see on ASPCA.

Rand- Older.
Ramsey- A truck driver.
Josh- I wanted to be a clown.

Best Halloween Costume:

Ducktails: When I was a kid I was a dead hockey player…

Kainalu: It was a night stand…like a one night stand.

Wyatt- I think my favorite was Rick from “Rick's Gone…” doing the monolith. And he carried around a speaker and played a song from 2001.
Grant: but not even the right song.
All: yeah! He played the wrong song…Sexy Monolith for sure.

Halle- I just love halloween i don't know…as long as you put effort into it and it's not insensitive to other people it's good.
Karl- I don't like halloween.
Jack- It's holiday spiderman. Like a spider man with a christmas sweater and a santa hat.
Matt- I went as tobias from arrested development when he blue himself.

If you could be a cover band for any band, who would it be?

Ducktails: The Smiths

Kainalu: Could I be a Weird Al Cover Band? Paul McCartney and the Wings, The Beatles, Grizzly Bear, Vulfpeck (cause I basically live that life anyways) & Daft Punk.

Puzzle Quest:
Paul- Honestly I would say the Kinks. They have so many songs that sound fun to play.
Kai- I always thought it would be fun to cover kate bush as a rock band.
Wyatt- The Smiths
Grant- Weezer. Weezer for sure. 100%

Halle- St. Vincent!…No one else agrees.
Karl- Suun o)))
Jack- Pink Floyd
Matt- Wilco

The Slaps:
Rand- Hank Williams
Ramsey- Beatles
Josh- Lincoln Park

Which artist do you think you unintentionally rip off the most while songwriting?

Ducktails: Umm.. It's not really an accident but I rip off the band Prefab Sprout as much as I can.

Kainalu: Probably Toro.

Paul- Weezer?…yeah.
Kai- Pavement maybe…
Wyatt- My roommate says I sound like Mac Demarco.

Halle- Car Seat Headrest.|
Jack- Pavement made pretty much every song there ever was so we probably rip them off.
Karl- I've been told Pavement.
Halle- …I wrote all the songs before I started listening to Pavement.
Matt- Weezer?

The Slaps:
Josh- Not Shit [laughs]…Old Dirty Bastard
Rand- Probably Old Blues…Bo Diddley
Ramsey- Frank Ocean…Radiohead

Who is the snake to your lake

Ducktails: It's you Izzy!

Kainalu: This is like the most meta one…I'm gonna go with a good IPA.

Puzzle Quest:
Grant- If I'm picking a snake it's Jake the Snake Roberts. Pro wrestler and excellent comeback story.
Paul- Probably Ball Python
Wyatt- you got out of this one paul… I'll say Jake Zucker…Jake is my brother's friend's older brother who I have no relation to just as your question has no meaning whatsoever.
Kai-  Now I gotta think of a person with a snake name – I met a guy named peter Ivanov who said a very funny thing to me once.

Jack- Can I say Darcy Karrigan?
Halle- I can go with Darcy. Karl was also going to be my answer. And my Dog Buster.
Matt- Karl is my answer
Karl- …I'm gonna go with Matthew Norman.

The Slaps:
Rand- My cousin Gerek
Ramsey- Rebecca Strone
Josh- My Momma