Chon Show Review

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    Thu Sep 21 2017

Author: Sommer Olson

If you were looking for a laid back, but still energetic event this past weekend, you missed out if you weren't at the Majestic on Saturday. Hail the Sun started off the night with their post-hardcore sound and tantalizing guitar licks. It was somewhat unfortunate that the bassist, John Stirrat, wasn't there. But after finding out he was proposing to his girlfriend of 7 years, it made the night just that much better. (She said yes!)

Photo Courtesy: @hailthesun

There was a brief break before The Fall of Troy took the stage with a continuation of post-hardcore tunes and the crowd was into it. Just by watching some of the people in the crowd, you could tell there were some longtime fans there, blissfully trying to shout the lyrics over the music.

Your standard switching of the bands and the main event was ready. Chon took the stage and the whole mood of the venue altered with their first song. With so much music that's heard daily focused on lyrical content, it's always refreshing to take a step back and get back to the basics, instrumental style.

Unlike your standard rock show, with no lyrics to sing along to and minimal occasions for headbanging, it's almost essential that the overall feeling of the Majestic that night was set to be different. It was about as energetic as it could get with the crowd swaying to riffs in “Sleepy Tea” and intently focused as each solo came up in “Can't Wait”. The members making up for lack of singing with a good connection with the crowd in between sets.

A good instrumental band, sans vocals, is one of those experiences every great music lover should have the opportunity to enjoy. It's safe to say anyone who was at that concert would recommend Chon be the first, but having performed at Riot Fest Friday and here in Madison Saturday, they might not be back to the Midwest for a while.

Photo Courtesy: @terryalanterrence