Melvins Show Preview

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    Thu Sep 21 2017

Author: Carlton Cook
Melvins are an American sludge metal band based in Washington State. Formed in 1983, constant members Buzzo and Dale Crover (guitarist and drummer, respectively) have been writing, releasing, and performing music together pretty much constantly. The two were deep in the Pacific Northwest grunge scene (both were friends with Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl of Nirvana). Dale even played drums on a 1988 Nirvana demo, and played a few live shows with them. Although influenced and supported by Nirvana, Melvins quickly differentiated themselves from other bands in that scene by playing heavier and weirder music. Combining hardcore punk and doom metal, the band basically invented a subgenre. Most recently, the band released A Walk with Love & Death in July of this year, a double album, on Ipecac Recordings. Still today, a good thirty years after forming, after going through multiple personnel changes, Melvins are still going strong – playing loud, weird rock music for thousands of fans. Their current lineup consists of King Buzzo on guitar, Dale Crover on drums and Steven McDonald on bass.

With such an extensive catalog, it is hard to follow every single release. I'll dare to say that is not entirely necessary with Melvins, as most of their best stuff was released earlier in their career – however, that is not to say the new material is without merit. Although the recorded material is great, a Melvins live show is a truly entertaining experience – pounding bass, loud distorted guitars, and Dale's relentless drumming. The band plays material from all across their catalog, old and new, well-known tracks and deep cuts, as well as throwing in some unexpected pieces (last time I saw them, they covered The Beatles' “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, transforming it into a stilted, sludgy, metal track).

On Monday, September 25th, Melvins will grace us with their presence at High Noon Saloon. They will be supported by Spotlights, a New York based “post-metal” (I hate that genre tag) group, whose music sways between brutal and beautiful. They will be a perfect way to start the evening.