Foster The People Show Review

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    Mon Sep 25 2017

Photo courtesy: @fosterthepeople

Author: Maya Subramanian
Foster the People brought their iconic psychedelic pop sound to the Orpheum last Saturday night and it was a dance-filled night to remember! The openers, Palm Springsteen, kicked the night off with a high-energy opening act, although some of the vocals and instrumentals were a little hard to hear due to the throbbing bass. We mulled around anxiously for Foster the People to come out for a decent amount of time after the opener, and when they finally built up enough audience excitement to walk onstage, the crowd went wild!

They began their set with “Pay the Man”, off of Sacred Hearts Club. It was a dynamic opener and the audience was ready to dance right away. They continued with their smash hit from Torches, “Helena Beat”, which was a great sing-along for all the Foster the People fans since day one. The rest of the night was filled with a great lineup of songs from all three of their albums, with special focus on their newest release, of course.

A few highlights from the night: FTP covered The Ramones' “Blitzkrieg Bop”, and it transitioned flawlessly from their previous song, Lotus Eater. Mark Foster took a pause in between songs to declare his appreciation and love for the audience, and reminded us all that music can bring us together even though the world feels so divided right now. It was a little cheesy, but sincere. And, of course, Pumped Up Kicks made everyone dance their hardest and sing their loudest. Everyone knew all of the words, obviously, and FTP played it at a faster tempo to make it even more danceable than it already is. Overall, it was a great way to spend my Saturday night and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The only thing I wish they had played that they didn't is “I Would Do Anything for You”, off of Torches. It's a great song.