WAKA Show Review

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    Mon Sep 25 2017


Author: Tobiah Steckel
There wasn't a single dull moment of the entire concert, even if WAKA wasn't yelling the turbulence of the crowd would be enough to keep you occupied. Liquid proved to be a perfect venue for this type of show. Crowd engagement was no problem in the confined club environment.

Before WAKA even took stage, WSUM's own DJ Mando had the crowd turned up. Albeit, at that time is when a typical show would probably be ending. When WAKA got on stage, sometime after midnight the tone was set immediately. The “Turn up Godz” symbol flashed and repeated across the DJ altar with LED'd brilliance. WAKA and his hype man pounced on stage with a purpose and maintained their momentum until well after 2 am. A great moment for our school and community as a whole was when WAKA waved a UW Madison triumphantly (pictured below). Finally WAKA ended with an a capella rendition of his “Fire Squad Remix (J Cole cover)” which I gave a 5% chance of being performed live. I highly recommend taking a listen and hearing WAKA rap , no frills, no hook. Needless to say I was very content with the close, and thought it was an appropriate way to end the concert.

If I had to give the concert a low point it was when WAKA played one of his new singles “Rock, Paper, Scissors” a song that encroaches upon the generally agreed upon border separating hip hop from EDM. It's appropriate that he played this song as any artist would but it had nowhere close to the same crowd participation as the rest of the concert. As far as a high for the concert, he played almost every song on Flockaveli, and the crowd loved it. Final thoughts, was this concert an indication that Flockaveli 2 is drawing near?