Lizzo brings intimacy and empowerment to campus


Author: Aleesa Kuznetsov
Last weekend, Minnesota based rapper and singer came to campus and turned a university theater, Shannon Hall, into a celebration of women, self-love and empowerment. As an all seated space, Shannon Hall was a venue that didn’t seem to be suited for a performance like Lizzo’s, but as soon as the lights went down, everyone was on their feet, rushing towards the stage creating an intimate dance party.

Her inspiring lyrics bring true human vulnerability to light and she did not hide that in her performance. Singing an unreleased song from a new project, her message rang true as she sang about waking up and wishing she was someone else and how nobody can love her like “she loves herself.” Between songs Lizzo would speak to her audience like she was speaking her best friends, and did not hold back when testifying she was “two months f***boy free.”

Lizzo performed songs from all her projects including the hit “Batches and Cookies,” from her 2014 premiere solo album Lizzobangers, and her newest single “Truth Hurts” released just a few days before the Madison show. She performed every song from her latest EP Coconut Oil, along with a few singles from Big Girl Small World.  

Lizzo exudes confidence that can’t help but make everyone in the audience feel like they just won first prize for being themselves. You could feel the energy in the room lifting as people sang at the top of their lungs, feeling “good as hell.” Lizzo has something special, that no other performer can re-create. Her balance of upbeat instrumentals and powerful lyricism draws you in, and keeps you there, even after you stop listening.