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Album Review: The Racing Pulses' Nothing to Write Home About

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    Wed Sep 27 2017

Author: Petar Djordjevic

Even though there are still three months left in 2017, it is safe to say that it has truly been The Racing Pulses' year. Their accomplishments are key of any band positioned to make it big. They released their debut album Nothing to Write Home About back in May, and the following month they performed an evening show at Summerfest. To finish off their big summer, they won the MadFaves 2017 “Favorite Rock Band” award voted on by readers of Isthmus newspaper. If you take a listen to their debut album, it becomes clear quite fast that this accolade is well deserved.

Having first listened to the album back in June, I heard a key resemblance to that of many British indie rock/pop groups, even though The Racing Pulses are from Madison, WI. From more melodic toned-down ballads echoing The Kooks and The Wombats to more gritty rock tracks resembling more Libertines and Arctic Monkeys, I enjoyed the new yet familiar sound. “Mrs. Supernova” features the bands signature sharpness of the guitar, and paired with sultry lyrics is one of the albums more apparent rock songs. However, their strength lies in the slower, more emotional songs, such as “Bookends” and “Falling Through the Floor” featuring singer-songwriter Kristian Iliev's lyrical prowess. As a whole, the album invokes feelings of ambition, passion, and reservation which give it a rebellious, youthful sound.

Nothing to Write Home About does a remarkable job at showcasing The Racing Pulses' lyrical ability and instrumental talent, and these strengths come together quite well to create a solid debut rock album.