COIN shows us there's more to Nashville than country music

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    Thu Oct 05 2017

Author: Izzy Marshall

When you think of the Nashville music scene, the first thing that comes to mind most likely isn't alternative indie pop-rock, but that's precisely what makes COIN, the band that Madison is lucky enough to be hosting at the Majestic this Sunday, so darn exciting. If at any point in the past year you've tuned into a worthwhile radio station, or listened to practically any Spotify-generated playlist, you've probably heard their 2016 single Talk Too Much, which peaked at no. 8 on the Alternative Songs Chart. But don't worry, COIN's discography of worth-jamming-to songs doesn't stop at those that have received mainstream recognition.

Since forming at Nashville's Belmont College in 2012, the band, composed of frontman Chase Lawrence, drummer Ryan Winnen, guitarist Joe Memmel and Zachary Dyke on bass, has released two studio albums, 2015's self-titled debut and the somewhat more subdued How Will You Know If You Never Try, released this past April. Both records, bursting at the seams with synthy tracks ranging from upbeat and bouncy to low-key and mellow, are sure to provide ample material for a versatile but nevertheless all-around high energy performance, and one that any true fan of indie pop-rock won't want to miss.

And don't forget to come early for indie pop duo, joan, who've managed to take everything good about 80s and 90s music and turn it into something oddly contemporary. If you don't believe me, listen for yourself to their latest release, love somebody like you, right here:

Get hype for Sunday, October 8th at the Majestic by checking out the music video for COIN's Talk Too Much below!