Future Islands puts on an intimate show at The Orpheum

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    Fri Oct 06 2017

Author: David Heinrich
Future Islands took the stage relatively early in the evening after a short set by opener Jenny Besetzt, but the set wasn't something you'd hear on an average Tuesday night in Madison. The dance indie-rock staple Future Islands grooved their way through a set full of infectious baselines that had the whole crowd moving. It was really a beautiful sight, that by the end the whole crowd was cutting loose and having a blast.

The set was full of amazing tracks. They came out with a few great tracks to start the show, kicking things off with “Beauty of the Road”, “Ran”, and one of my favorites, “A Dream of You and Me”. The whole set had a really nice ebb and flow to it. They transitioned between powerful, upbeat jams and slower, “here-you-can-have-a-dancing-break” kind of songs with ease. As expected, lead singer Sam Herring's passion was on full display, as he treated the crowd to a true frontman's performance. He commanded our attention from start to finish with his dancing, general stage antics, and intensity. You get the impression that he puts it all out there night after night.

The night wrapped up with a 4-song encore of older tunes, coupled with personal stories about the origins of each song and the things in their lives that were going on at the time. Throughout the evening, Sam was candid and intimate with the audience, sharing stories and interpretations of all the music they played. The audience was always involved with the show: the night felt like a night at the party, but also deeply personal. I can imagine that nearly everyone went home from that show in high spirits.