Goldlink & Masego lead TrapHouseJazz sound to The Majestic

Author: David Heinrich

GoldLink and Masego played the Majestic Theatre last weekend, and I think it’s safe to say it lived up to the hype. The show was full of energy, incredible musical talent, and great vibes.

Masego started the evening around 9:00 after a quick DJ set from his DJ, and from the first song he commanded the audience’s attention. He was very candid with the audience and utilized a lot of call-and-response sequences in his songs, adding for more crowd interaction. You couldn’t have asked for a better opener: this guy is definitely talented enough to headline his own shows. He touched on some more recent singles, cuts from The Pink Polo EP that he did with producer Medasin, and even made a beat from scratch. His adeptness to so many instruments and voice was already captivating the crowd. Then he picked up a saxophone, and the audience lost it. His energy was contagious, and by the end of his set, every single person was primed and ready for GoldLink to take the stage.

 The crowd substantially filled in for GoldLink, and the excitement in the room was palpable. As soon as the lights came down the crowd pushed closer and everyone got ready for GoldLink to come out. His DJ played a couple songs to get the crowd hyped, and then the DC emcee took the stage. His set was filled with tongue-twisting raps, bouncing beats, funky bass, and a ton of dancing. GoldLink even shouted out producer KAYTRANADA after playing “Meditation”, which was met with a few cheers from the crowd. He dazzled the crowd with highlights from across his discography. From The God Complex he pulled out “Sober Thoughts”. He played “Palm Trees”, “Spectrum”, and “Dark Skin Women” from And After That, We Didn’t Talk. Masego joined GoldLink on the stage to play “Late Night”, which got a great reception from the crowd. However, the most raucous singing and dancing was saved for the highlight of the show, his hit single “Crew”. When he finished his verse, he joined the crowd in a deafening rendition of Shy Glizzy’s part. After hearing the crowd shout every word right back at him through the last chorus, GoldLink expressed his gratitude to his fans at the Majestic, and decided he’d play “Crew” one more time, on one condition. “Can we get a mosh pit started?” GoldLink asked, and the Madison crowd happily obliged. After the song was over, GoldLink left the stage and the show was over. It was an abrupt ending, but overall, an incredible night. I’m already counting down the days until GoldLink comes back to Madison.