COIN & Joan make a Sunday night at The Majestic

Author: Izzy Marshall

After an impressive set by overall-clad, up-and-coming indie-pop duo joan, who despite having only two released singles to their name had the entire crowd dancing and trying to sing along, it was COIN’s turn to take the stage this past Sunday night at the Majestic. Lit only by the light of a massive glowing smiley face shedding a single tear, a symbol no doubt inspired by their hit song “Don’t Cry, 2020”, members of the band began to trickle into view before a sudden explosion of light and sound with the appearance of frontman Chase Lawrence. He belted out the opening verse to “Feeling,” the crowd went wild and the rest is history.

For a band that has only been around for a little over five years, the Nashville four piece exuded the confidence of a much older, more established band, something the crowd definitely responded to. Lawrence’s bewilderment at, and gratitude for, the sizable turnout was nevertheless undeniably genuine, exemplified by his go-to talk break line, spoken with increasing astonishment every time: “This is a Sunday night in Madison, Wisconsin!”

For more than an hour, COIN executed an engaging and high energy performance. From clapping to jumping to call-and-response singing, the show was heavy on audience participation, and ultimately concluded with possibly the loudest rendition possible of “Fingers Crossed,” a popular track off the band’s 2015 self-titled debut. Their set ended just as it started, with an explosion of light, this time so bright it entailed bringing up the house lights, which then remained illuminated as the band gave their sincere thanks and exited the stage. There was no encore, but I believe that every person in the crowd was nevertheless satiated, albeit probably temporarily hearing impaired.