Tera Melos to play the High Noon Saloon Tuesday

Author: Tyler Dallman

It’s a bit of a rare thing for a band to completely understand themselves, to label and embrace the sound they make and to perfect that one sound as they evolve as a band. Since the release of their 2017 album Trash Generator, indie math-rock group (don’t tell them I labeled them as such), Tera Melos has established themselves as one of those few bands.

Tera Melos has had plenty of time to develop their sound, starting in 2004 and having released 5 EPs and 4 LPs leading to today, their experience comes through in their sound, becoming more developed with each release. Trash Generator has come to me as a sort of culmination of their sound. The imagery says it all, jagged edged pieces of all sorts with electronic, distorted influence characterizing both the sound and the title of the album. The riffs are start, stop. The instrumentation, wired with energy. A truly complete performance.

Catch the chance to see this experimental extravaganza next week! Tera Melos is in town on Tuesday the 24th at the High Noon Saloon.