What I learned as a prisoner in North Korea | TED Talk Review

Author: Ethan Huskey

Euna Lee talks about her time as a documentary journalist in North Korea and speaks deeply about a theme of making an impact on the world. She describes how she was chased down by soldiers on her last day of filming and the story of how she ended up getting caught by helping one of her colleagues who fell down while trying to escape. After telling her specific story she goes into detail about growing up in South Korea and how many stories she heard about the abuse of citizens inside of North Korea and other horror stories instilled that they were the enemy to her. She describes how the culture even in South Korea can dehumanize the North Koreans and how she learned how they are much more similar to her then she expected.

The story that Euna tells is very well done and is able to incorporate deeper meanings and bits of humor while telling a tragic tale to the audience. Her descriptions of her journey through North Korea with the perfect amount of details to visualize while remaining fast paced in the story telling. I really think that there are some good lessons and takeaways about empathy for others while listening to an interesting story that not many people get to live to tell the tale about, and would recommend a listen to anyone regardless of their interest level in North Korea.