ODESZA & Whethan make an electronic return to Madison

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    Tue Nov 07 2017

Author: David Heinrich
Ladies and gentlemen, ODESZA are back. The famed electronic music duo from Seattle, Washington make their return to Madison this week, where they'll be performing on the biggest stage the 608 has to offer. ODESZA are no stranger to the Madison area, having performed at the Majestic in their past. More recently, they sold out the Orpheum Theater in 2015 on the back of their sophomore record In Return. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance that evening, and I can assure you, the show was magnificent. Instead of a normal electronic artist's DJ set, ODESZA brought it to another level with live percussion from the group's two members, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. On Friday, the two bring their new album, A Moment Apart, to the Alliant Energy Center. The new record has received widespread praise from critics and fans alike, and is stacked with songs I can't wait to hear live.

Much like the rest of their work, A Moment Apart resides in the “chill” zone of electronic music. You won't hear an ever-accelerating 808 leading up to an uninspired drop on an ODESZA record. Instead, you'll hear soothing synths, floating harmonies, and a new, more “artsy” dimension for electronic music. Most electronic music nowadays is associated with a “let's turn up and rage” vibe, the essence of a sweaty rave. On the flipside, A Moment Apart sonically inspires an aura of majesty and beauty, more appropriate for those who intently listen and get lost in its intricacies. ODESZA brought in some great features too, including Leon Bridges and Regina Spektor (two names you wouldn't expect to hop on an EDM song). Joining them will be live brass musicians, a full drumline, and an arena-scale light show. ODESZA are pushing the boundaries of an EDM show on the A Moment Apart Tour, and you won't want to miss it.

Late Friday night, Whethan will bring his Good Nights Tour to the Majestic Theatre. Whethan is 18-year old Chicago DJ Ethan Snoreck. He's on the come up right now, only having just started headlining his own shows recently. Headlining at such a young age is such an accomplishment, but he didn't get there alone. Whethan is a close friend and associate of another prominent Chicago electronic act, EDM duo Louis the Child. Ethan came out with Robbie and Freddy at their Lollapalooza Toyota Den set last summer, and they enjoyed DJing together that day. Just over a year later, and after solo appearances at Lollapalooza, Bumbershoot, North Coast, and more this year, he's midway through his Good Nights Tour now.

Whethan's set will definitely be a party. His songs have a contagious energy and bounce to them, with glowing production and catchy hooks to boot. There is sure to be no shortage of dancing across the crowd. He has songs with Elohim, Charli XCX, Oliver Tree, and Ashe, one of the openers on the tour. “Can't Hide” with Ashe will especially inspire a groove amongst the Madison crowd. His original discography is pretty limited, but he's sure to play unreleased originals and a lot of his remixes as well, which are excellent. I'm personally looking forward to hearing his remixes of “Perfect Places” by Lorde and “Send Them Off!” by Bastille.

WSUM's Promotions Director (and my friend) Jake Walcyzk actually got to sit down with Whethan for an interview at Lollapalooza this year. You can check it out below!