Majestic Theatre welcomes Noname & Arima Ederra

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    Sun Nov 19 2017

Author: Aleesa Kuznetsov

Noname is set to come for her third time in Madison tomorrow night. Performing at the Majestic, she'll be on her biggest stage yet here. In January, Noname was the headliner for FRZN Fest at the High Noon Saloon kicking off her Telefone Tour, and was back in less than a month at The Sett for a free show. I was lucky enough to be at both performances that winter. The Chicago based rapper played almost every track off her 2016 album Telefone, from the upbeat track “Sunny Duet” to the more somber piece “Casket Pretty.”

Noname has a signature sound and meaningful lyrics and when I watched her perform it was more than just dancing to the beat. Listening to her lyricism can sometimes put you in a trance. Now on her second tour Everything is Everything with the same album, I'm sure it will be just as fun and meaningful as her last shows in Madison. Now that it has been over a year since Telefone was released I'm hoping that she'll play some new unreleased songs! Nonetheless, I'm excited to see Noname for a third time, with an even bigger and more energized crowd. Opening for Noname on this tour is R&B and soul singer Arima Ederra, whose' music and tone fits perfectly with Noname's, listen to it below.