WSUM will co-host Whitney at the Majestic Theatre

Photo courtesy: Morgan Winston via EMMIE Mag

Author: Annie Borse
On Wednesday November 29, WSUM and the Majestic Theatre will play host to the high-pitched and guitar heavy duo, Whitney. Formed in Chicago, Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek are no strangers to Madison by any means. Making a headlining appearance at WSUM’s 2016 Snake on the Lake, the two know the city well. After playing their debut album Light Upon the Lake as openers for bands like The Head and the Heart, Whitney has returned to Madison as the main act. Their return comes along with critical acclaim from magazines like Pitchfork, NME and The Guardian upon their album release.

Light Upon the Lake is a short album filled with even shorter songs, but somehow Ehrlich’s voice and Kakacek’s complete control of the guitar take you on a journey that seems longer than just 30 minutes. Transferring the rareness and genuine feel you get from the recorded album into a live show will be no small feat, but I know that when Ehrlich takes his drum set and Kakacek grabs his guitar we’ll be in for a night of smooth grooving and good vibes.