Thankful for Noname’s third Madison performance of 2017

Author: Aleesa Kuznetsov

In this season of giving thanks, I sure am thankful Noname decided to come back to Madison for a third time. Last week, Noname performed at the Majestic Theatre (her biggest Madison venue yet) with opener Arima Ederra, on her second to last stop of her “Everything is Everything” tour. The sold out show created a tight knit crowd (literally) on the floor as Noname encouraged her fans to sing along to her raps.

Before Noname’s mostly upbeat performance, Arima Ederra, started out the show slow and soulful with just her voice and a guitar in the background. She used a control pad to layer her voice creating beautiful harmonies. Noname sat in the balcony listening and at the end of the set Ederra thanked her as she looked up towards the balcony stirring up the crowd’s excitement for Noname.

As Noname came on stage with her backing band, she performed hits like “Forever” and “Diddy Bop,” and other well known songs such “Casket Pretty” and “Bye Bye Baby,” all songs from her album Telefone. She also sang a couple of unnamed new songs, giving hope for a possible new project. Nonames energy during her entire show was filled with hope and passion, and throughout her entire set she encouraged the audience to sing and dance along. As Noname left the stage the crowd burst into a cheer for an encore and she came back out with arguably her best single “Yesterday,” leaving myself and other fans with fulfillment. Noname was an amazing start to my Thanksgiving break, hopefully this time next year I’ll be giving thanks to a new Noname album.