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WSUM’s Interview with Coach Paul Chryst

Photo: @BadgerFootball/Twitter WSUM’s Dan Labosky and Patrick Sexton were fortunate enough to have UW Head Football Coach Paul Chryst on the show for an interview in November on Beyond the Badgers. Coach Chryst covered everything from his own personal coaching journey, the … Read More >

It’s Time to Appreciate Gary Bettman

Author: Jordan Mazzara  The National Football League rules all in America. They are the role model your parents want you to become. To keep up with the clichés, in life there are three guarantees, though: death, taxes, and “booing” NFL … Read More >

It’s Time For Ted Thompson to Go

Author: Zach Epstein If the Packers want to capitalize on their championship window, they must make a change at the GM position. It’s an unfortunate reality that the Packers’ Super Bowl window with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback is closing.   Rodgers, 34, is … Read More >