Album Review: King Krule’s The OOZ


Author: Tony Holmes

The red devil hiding in the shadows of the moon for 5 years has finally peeked his head out.

The OOZ is many’s record of the year, and it sure blew lots of listeners away. It has a unique approach in its sound, combining Post Punk, Jazz, Lo-Fi Rock, Ambient, Trip Hop and outright Crooner vocal delivery.

The OOZ was made for music lovers. The record has a haunting and poetic beauty to it, flowing almost like slime, with its constant woeful and meandering sound, twisting and turning between styles, and combinations of emotionally potent and nonsensical lyrics.

This album sounds like its cover, it sounds like the color blue, it smells like cigarettes and saltwater.

It’s a midnight masterpiece, and my favorite album from 2017.