Why Packers Fans Should Be Cheering for a Vikings comeback

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

Author: Suzie Kazar

It’s the last thing a Green Bay Packers fan wants to hear, but we should all be rooting for the Minnesota Vikings to win the 2018 Super Bowl. While they have a disappointing past and may not be the best team still left in the running, they’re the most neutral team remaining.  Throw in some excitement, like Stefon Diggs’ last-second touchdown against the Saints, and the Vikings are a perfect team to jump on the bandwagon.

Why the Vikings instead of the Patriots or Eagles? First, no one wants to see the Patriots win another Super Bowl. It was like watching Alabama win yet another National Championship this year – it just makes everyone annoyed. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have won enough already and I, for one, am tired of it.

Why not the Eagles? They’re a fun story just like the Vikings, a team trying to redeem themselves for years of mediocrity (they’ve never won the Super Bowl and haven’t made the playoffs since 2013, when they lost in the Wild Card game). They also have a backup quarterback filling a starting role, with Nick Foles taking over for Carson Wentz. But that’s a problem as well – Carson Wentz was an integral part of this Philadelphia team, and while they can win without him, it’s a much tougher path. They could possibly beat Minnesota in the NFC Championship game, but it’s hard to see them going against a team like the New England Patriots.

By process of elimination, the Vikings are the lone survivors. While it will be tough for Packers fans to ever support Minnesota, we have to admit that they are the best, least-evil option to win Super Bowl LII.

They haven’t looked like a Super Bowl caliber team in the first half, but Packers fans should be hoping they turn things around in the half hour of football to come.