J.I.D., EarthGang and more emceed a wild night at the High Noon Saloon


Author: David Heinrich

The Never Had Sh!t Tour made it’s last U.S. stop last Tuesday in Madison. This tour hosted a crowded bill of rappers on the rise, headlined by J.I.D. and EarthGang. They were supported by Madison’s own Lucien Parker, Lute, and Chaz French.

Lucien Parker opened the show at 8 PM for the early crowd. He once again proved his mettle as one of the hottest rappers in the Madison area by commanding the stage and capturing the attention of the audience. His single “Impossible” just reached 700,000 plays on Spotify, and that was a crowd favorite of his set. The best moment came when he invited young Madison upstart rapper Bravo up to the stage to play “007”, a fresh new track from the pair (and the best track to come out of the Madison rap scene for a minute). A down-to-earth yet powerful set, Lucien Parker was the best way to open a night of great rap performances.

The co-headliners EarthGang took the stage later and really helped liven things up. The duo’s energy really fed the crowd and allowed the show to reach a new, undiscovered level of hype. The Atlanta rappers’ set was raucous and ascendant. The duo vowed to party like they “ain’t never had shit, but are gonna have shit real soon”. The duo certainly carry an underdog tag with them, both in the nature of their obscurity as well as their off-beat sound. The best song of their set was “Missed Calls”, a banger that lifted the crowd off its feet. They even delivered verses from the middle of the crowd and on top of the bar. J.I.D. came on after and played the last set of the evening. The Dreamville signee was electric on stage and delivered a performance with intention and fire. It was a great capstone to an evening by and for to the come-up: J.I.D. and EarthGang showed us you don’t have to have shit to make it.