SXSW 2018: Carlton & Tyler’s anticipated bands



Kraus – Kraus makes loud, blown out shoegaze music.
As a one man band, I’m very excited to see how it translates to a live setting. His new album, Path, was just released.

Idles – Bristol-based angry post-punk.
One of the punk bands I’m most looking forward to seeing. Bristol-based angry post-punk, they released one of my favorite albums of 2017, Brutalism. I’ve heard very good things about their live show.

Juiceboxxx – Milwaukee punk-rap.
We loved his Live@WSUM set a few months back, seeing him in the flesh again will be an amazingly energetic experience. This man tours constantly, meaning his set will be tight and succinct.

JPEGMAFIA – Experimental rap from Baltimore.
JPEGMAFIA has become one of the most hyped artists on the internet following the release of his acclaimed album Veteran back in January.

French Vanilla – Art punk from Los Angeles.
Ssounds a lot like a weirder B-52s. Great basslines that pair well with guitar/saxophone and vocalist Sally Spitz’s voice.

Gatecreeper – Gatecreeper make classic old school death metal.
It may not be the most inventive thing happening in the metal scene these days, but Gatecreeper does it well. From Arizona, the band has released a split with Iron Reagan.


3 Hand Stephen
Stephen doesn’t actually have three hands and I’m kind of surprised about that, because he’s very out-there when it comes to his music. Folk unique to Stephen himself.

Math rock extraordinaires are known for their amazing live performances. They have been around for awhile, which means more time to get good.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
These post-punks are one of the best things since sliced bread. They nail that Talking Heads vibe that most bands like this strive to achieve but never find.

CHAI makes half innocent pop songs and half distorted destruction. Founded by identical twins and their two friends in Japan, CHAI is returning to the US for their second time to play in Austin.