Superorganism is heading to the Frequency


Author: Ariel Wood
On Tuesday March 27th ,the Frequency will host internet pop hypergroup Superorganism. Lead by singer Orono Noguchi, the band creates their music by sending tracks back and forth over email; making for a chaos that is skillfully contained. Their self-titled debut album is a collection of sounds, riffs, and choruses that joyously speak to the whimsy of this modern time. Such a hodge podge creation style might point to a more off-kilter, cotton candy pop, yet the glue in Superorganism’s construction is the weather worn voice of the young Noguchi. The depth in her voice might make you think listening to Pavement enough was all you’d need; because it clearly worked for her.

Coming off an incredible couple of shows at Austin’s SXSW, Superorganism is sure to put on a high energy show that will certainly stay on your M.I.N.D.