Mitski proved that women rock – and they rock hard

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    Sun Apr 01 2018

Author: Maya Subramanian

Mitski Miyawaki proved that women rock- and they rock hard- at her Thursday night performance at the High Noon Saloon. The show sold out extremely fast, which goes to show how in-demand her performances are.

The songs varied from tender, heartfelt, and emotionally-charged:


To powerhouse knockouts:


I appreciated getting K.O.'d emotionally in many different aspects.

Mitski's band left the stage at a middle point in the show so she could take full command of her acoustic songs. Looking through the audience, it was easy to spot many fans crying while singing along. It was a very touching moment.

The band's instrumentals were loud but not abrasive, beautiful but not faint, and skilled but not overbearing. Her vocal range was very impressive; she could sound both sweet and soulful, and contrastingly, scream like no other. The show ended with her powerful vocals as she shredded the guitar with all her strength. It was impressive to see the band come together in full force and finish the show on such a strong note.

This was a very energetic and electric performance and I thought the venue matched the intimate vibe wonderfully. It wouldn't have been quite the same at a larger venue. I would definitely like to see Mitski again and I'm looking forward to enjoying her music on Spotify in the meantime.