Among the Noise: Ben Frost’s All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated

Author: Tyler Dallman

Pressure and Release 

Ben Frost is unrelenting. After four album releases in 2017, Frost has already released his first EP of 2018 and it stands up with the quality of all his work yet. With his music, Frost has always been one for extremes. His albums are comprised of long, beautiful, ambient passages contrasted with jarring noise. You’re hit in the face one moment, and in the next a cool wind comes that makes it sting all the more. The titular track here is a stand out, beginning with discordant bells and synth that slowly devolve into an encompassing hum. Encompassed you stay as Frost flows with ambiance and pressures with noise, playing hit and run throughout the album.  

RIYL: Tim Hecker, William Basinkski, Oneohtrix Point Never