Lucy Dacus brings passion and youthfulness to Madison


Author: Aleesa Kuznetsov
Thursday night at High Noon Saloon, Lucy Dacus headlined her first Madison show, on tour with her sophomore album Historian. Dacus was supported by indie rock bands “Adult Mom” and “And the Kids,” who set the stage for her warm voice and robust guitar. Once the stage was set, complete with the album cover lit up on stage, Dacus came on stage and started with her single “Addictions.” She continued with songs off her newest album and took a sip of tea between each song. You could tell this album meant a lot to her, including personal reflections and passion. At just age 22, her lyrics resonate, and the crowd sang along. After singing “Night Shift,” she expressed how grateful she was that the crowd was singing along because it meant that people were really taking the time to sit with her music and take it in.

Dacus then continued with a few songs off her debut album No Burden including a reprise of the song “Familiar Place” leading into the original. She continued with classic songs such as “I Don’t Wanna be Funny Anymore” and the 7 minute ballad, “Map on a Wall.” Dacus ended her show with an encore of the track “Historians,” completely stripped down. You could tell she put herself in a vulnerable position, without a guitar strapped around her and instead just her, the microphone and one band member playing guitar. The show ends with the lyrics, “was I most complete/at the beginning or the bow?/If past you were to meet future me/would you be holding me here and now?” Dacus was able to craft an album and show that was deeply personal, something you don’t always get with a performance. Being so young, Dacus has an amazing career ahead of her, and I look forward to seeing her time and time again.