Durand Jones and the Indications show review

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    Sat Apr 21 2018


Author: Spencer Bierman
Pushing their way through the crowded Frequency floor, heads of guitars, and the bent neck of saxophones bounded above the audience as Durand Jones and the Indications took the stage. On stage the crowd roared as the band erupted into a frenzy of horns and organ. Starting in a grungy college basement, Durand Jones combined both the eagerness of an up-and-coming artists with the expertise of an old soul music legend.

Standing at the back of crowd, the brass resonated through the room rattling my mind and body. Between songs Durand Jones would scream “Are you having a groovy night, Madison?” and if the crowd wasn't previously, after their show they certainly would be. Durand Jones wasn't alone in providing sultry vocals to the night as his drummer accompanied him in providing a falsetto lead on a couple of the tracks of the night.

With the recent news of the Frequency's closing, acts like Durand Jones don't signify a stumbling decline of a prolific venue, but instead an explosion in the finale of a Madison classic.