Parquet Courts Review

Author: Audrey Bachman

On Wednesday, May 30th, Parquet Courts played at the Majestic. Their performance was fabulous and nothing short of my (high) expectations for the evening. I had hoped that the four piece from Brooklyn, New York would play just as many oldies as they would songs from their newest release, Wide Awake! – which came out on May 18th on Rough Trade – and indeed they did. They opened with “Total Football,” the first song off of Wide Awake! and closed with “Light Up Gold,” the title track of their 2012 release.

Goat Girl opened for Parquet Courts. They are an all-female indie band from South London. Their debut, self-titled album, which was also released on Rough Trade, came out on April 6th of this year. Their songs were both dancy and eery and I loved Clottie Cream’s low, raspy voice.

Parquet Courts’ set alternated between mosh-pit inducing songs like “Master of My Craft/Borrowed Time” and slower, smoother songs that let the audience wipe the sweat from their foreheads and cool down a bit, like “Dear Ramona” from Sunbathing Animal, which came out in 2014. Regardless of the songs they played, the guys captivated my attention throughout the entire evening. Their occasional banter in between songs was totally funny and entertaining– they remarked about their evening spent at a house on Lake Michigan the previous night in which they ate a lot of hot dogs and watched “Happy Gilmore.” I was also impressed by their thorough knowledge of Wisconsin geography. Andrew Savage (vocals and guitar) listed off a number of different towns in Wisconsin to gauge where the audience had come to the show from.

I’ve always loved Parquet Courts because of how classic they sound. They aren’t afraid to show off their influences through their music, but in every aspect of their music, personalities, performance and album artwork, they are fully themselves: totally unique, super smart and sharp and great musicians and artists. It’s rare these days to find a band whose distinct sound isn’t drowned out by the sounds of its favorite bands. Parquet Courts defies this trend, even after their sixth album. To me, that’s pretty cool.