One Injured in Shooting at Madison Radio Station WORT

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    by Will kenneally
  • Post Date
    Mon Aug 06 2018

A masked gunman shot into the studio at local radio station WORT (Chali Pittman/WORT)

Author: Martin Rakacolli

One man was shot at Madison radio station WORT early Sunday morning. Officials took him to a hospital, where according to the station he made a quick recovery. There were “no major injuries or fatalities,” according to an announcement on the WORT FM website.

Early Sunday morning, a man wearing a mask entered the WORT radio station located on South Bedford Street and fired into the broadcast studio, according to the announcement. The police do not have a suspect in custody and do not have a clear motive, though Madison police said they believe the act targeted a specific person and not the media.

WORT board president David Devereaux-Weber told Channel 3000 that he was stunned. “I've heard about this happening in other places. Even in this community, there's been shootings but to have it happen in your organization to people you know is pretty deeply troubling,” said Devereaux-Weber.

Devereaux-Weber said that the station was planning to improve security at the building. He said that the station would probably be installing cameras at the front and back doors and would be considering key cards in place of codes.

The station was off air temporarily but resumed broadcasting at 9:38 a.m. that same Sunday morning. In the announcement on their website, WORT wrote that they “want to thank everyone for their support. Already, the phone calls and concerned messages are flowing into the station” and that the station “will be tightening security.”

According to Madison police, anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014.