Desert Daze 2018 Preview

Author: Carlton Cook


From October 12th to 14th, Desert Daze will descend upon Moreno Beach, CA, on the shores of Lake Perris. The festival’s seventh iteration should prove to be one of it’s best yet, with a stellar lineup boasting a wide variety of both modern artists, such as Tame Impala, and classic acts like My Bloody Valentine. Here are some of the artists we’re most excited to see at Desert Daze 2018!

Kikagaku Moyo

Japanese psych-rockers Kikagaku Moyo emit an energy that is at once calming and peaceful, yet very forceful. With three full lengths under their belt already (along with a handful of EPs and other releases), the band has a hefty catalog to select from. A new album was just announced, to be released on October 5th from Guruguru Brain, so their performance at Desert Daze will be sure to feature some of that as well.


Here Lies Man

Here Lies Man sound like if Ozzy-era Black Sabbath featured Fela Kuti as a secret fifth member. Afrobeat drum patterns mix so well with fuzzy stoner rock riffs, strange sounding synths, and near-chanting vocals. You’ll want to shake your butt and bang your head at the same time. They’ve released two albums in the past two years, most recently with ‘You Will Know Nothing’. I really think this band will grow to be as popular as a band like Goat, whom people compare Here Lies Man to frequently, so it will be awesome to see a live set to (presumably) a small crowd.


Julia Holter

Julia Holter, originally from Milwaukee, has released four incredible art-pop albums in the last seven years (and one live album). Julia Holter is one of our most highly anticipated acts at Desert Daze this year – she will be performing with an entire band, which should prove a good way to fully relay all the interesting sounds on her records. There has been no news of new Julia Holter material as of the date this was written, but we hope that will change by the time of her set at Desert Daze.


Earth (Performing The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull)

Prolific doom metal legends Earth will be the next band to join to growing fad of full-album performances, showcasing their acclaimed 2009 psychedelic western-tinged drone album, The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull, in full. The album sounds like a soundtrack to the most badass western film ever (okay, besides anything Ennio Morricone has composed). Earth has been pretty slow on the music front in the past few years, only releasing one full-length (the collaborative album with English electronic artist The Bug) since 2014’s Primitive and Deadly. I can’t imagine a better album to be blasted into our ears in the hot desert sun than this one.


Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

©2012 Ester Segarra.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats’ 2011 album, Blood Lust, was an extremely pleasant surprise to me when I first heard it. Paying homage to Black Sabbath in more way than one, yet putting their own undeniable stamp on the classic sound, Blood Lust cemented the band in my mind as one of modern stoner metal’s best, most original bands. Since then, the band has released two stellar full lengths, as well as a handful of EPs and singles. I can’t wait to be spooked by this band in the flesh.


Desert Daze will take place October 12-14 in Moreno Beach, California. Tickets and more information are available at the links below. Be sure to stay tuned to WSUM for more coverage of this and other festivals!