Snake On The Lake 2018 Preview: DJ Boyfrrriend

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    Mon Sep 03 2018

Author: David Heinrich

Snake On The Lake 2018 is coming up this Friday, and Madison's DJ Boyfrrriend is opening the show. You will want to make sure to be there early to catch their set.

A regular in the Madison nightlife scene, DJ Boyfrrriend is a queer feminist DJ who is part of Madison's Queer Pressure collective. The collective was started by DJ Boyfrrriend and Saint Saunter, and has grown to be a large presence in the Madison art community. Queer Pressure hosts events in the community regularly, and their members DJ in the community as well. DJ Boyfrrriend was recently seen at the special Chroma exhibit at MMoCA, and is billed on the Capitol Stage at this year's Freakfest next month. Her set at Snake On The Lake will get the crowd moving early and serve as a great introduction into the evening's acts. Her mixes span far more genres than just house music, incorporating a variety of dark vibes as well as brighter, more tropical sounds.

Queer Pressure was started in an effort to create a more inclusive, respectful, and accepting nightlife space in Madison. DJ Boyfrrriend and the group have always been committed to creating safer and more welcoming spaces for all communities. This vibe has been a staple of the parties they've thrown in the past, and it's a core tenant of their values as a collective. Through their curation and their music, they hope to put pressure on the norms of a nightlife space and ensure that they adhere to those values.

You can listen to DJ Boyfrrriend's Live@WSUM set from a few months ago below. Click here to RSVP to the Facebook event for Snake On The Lake 2018, featuring Melkbelly, Wei Zhongle, The Florists, and DJ Boyfrrriend.