Car Seat Headrest Show Preview

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    Wed Sep 05 2018

Author: David Heinrich

This Thursday, Car Seat Headrest are returning to Madison to play a sold-out show at the Majestic Theatre. The indie rock/lo-fi quartet from Matador Records has become a staple of the scene in the past few years. After 2016's excellent record Teens Of Denial, Will Toledo and co. have returned with Twin Fantasy. The record was originally released on Will Toledo's bandcamp years ago, and re-recorded and repurposed for a major-label release this year. Twin Fantasy‘s original publishing featured lo-fi vocals, grittier arrangements, and less polish overall. That's not necessarily a slight, as lots of Car Seat Headrest fans fell in love with that sound. The original is a cult classic still upheld as Toledo's masterpiece by some diehard fans. On the reissue, the band takes more influence from their recent discography and shows a lot more production value than the last time around. The mixes are crisp and clean, and show the progress Toledo and the band have made over the years. He still captures the boyish charm and heartache that was a hallmark of his earlier work and combines it with a bigger and more ambitious rock sound.

Car Seat Headrest last appeared in Madison in fall of 2016, touring behind the release of Teens Of Denial. Now that the band has sold out the venue, there should be an increased energy in the venue this time around. The band's energy and great stage presence will resonate well with the Madison crowd, and it should be a show to remember.