Chromeo Review

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    Wed Sep 12 2018

Author: Allison Hartwig

The Majestic Theatre was sent a blast of the past with the funky, 80's inspired Chromeo, who lit up the stage with their groovy dance tracks.

After an opening chant of “CHROM-E-O” from the crowd, everyone “came alive” with the opening track Come Alive, as the boys of Chromeo hit the stage. With the flashing lights behind them and their shining silver guitars, Dave 1 and P-Thugg got the audience going immediately into an 80's funk-inspired groove. The night was one big dance party, featuring more popular songs like Juice and Jealous, with their catchy chorus' and signature synthesizer riffs. The duo even performed a few tracks for the “early Chromeo fans”, with Night By Night and Bonafide Lovin. As the multi-colored lights flashed and their leather jackets swayed, the whole atmosphere was as if you were trapped in a pinball machine with the most energetic boys, bouncing around the stage and bringing the irresistible disco beat to life. They finished off with several selections from their newest album, including Count Me Out, Bad Decision, and Must've Been. A final song, Room Service, finished off their set before an encore of Sexy Socialite to finish off the night. The sold-out crowd atmosphere was bumping, and at one point the band noted that Madison was “more turnt than most shows, and on a Monday night.” Don't miss Chromeo next time they are in town.