Japanese Breakfast Review

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    Wed Sep 19 2018

Author: Izzi Bavis

Japanese Breakfast brought an out-of-this-world performance to the Majestic Theatre this Sunday.

Michelle Zauner kicked of her set with a blank stage, vacant of musicians. The opening track “Planetary Ambience” filled the theatre as concert goers eagerly awaited a grand entrance. Zauner rushed on stage at the start of the second song, “Diving Woman,” wearing a white, space like dress with knee high boots. As Zauner sang the lyrics to “Diving Woman” the audience entered her sci-fi dream world. Zauner mirrored the audience, dancing around the stage as she jammed out with her band. With long riffs on her guitar, Zauner lived up to the expectation of a punk rock chick. Taking songs from Soft Sounds from Another Planet and intermixing them with Psychopomp, Zauner kept the crowd grooving. Zauner is an infectious performer, putting her all into her work. Half way through the set Zauner stopped to rattle off a series of stories using a similar format to famous comedies similar to John Mulaney and Ali Wong. The crowd filled instantly with laughter. Zauner followed her comedy with “Boyish,” a song about her struggles falling in love with someone when they are in love with someone else. The upbeat music provided contrast to the angsty lyrics.

After a series of upbeat songs, Zauner transitioned into acoustic tracks. The crowd swayed as Zauner poured her heart out. Zauner ended her set with a popular track, “Everybody Wants to Love You.” The band performed two encore songs, “Jane Cum” and “Machinist.” During her performance of “Jane Cum,” Zauner used ambient noises and her voice to create another universe of sound. Closing the show, Zauner climbed onto an elevated surface belting out “Machinist,” the song that was the starting point for Soft Sounds from Another Planet. Japanese Breakfast is a burst of energy and an engaging performer, worth the Sunday night. Zauner is on the first leg of her tour in the US, she will be performing in Minneapolis on Tuesday, September 18.