St. Lucia Show Preview

Authors: Allison Hartwig and Hannah Goldberg


St. Lucia will be performing at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin on October 4th and will definitely bring some dance vibes with their synth-pop beats. Most popularly known for their song “Dancing on Glass,” on their 2016 Matter album, St. Lucia is fresh off the release of their third album, Hyperion, which came out on September 21st. Hailing from New York City, St. Lucia began as a musical project by South African native Jean-Phillip Grobler in 2012, which has since featured several other musicians with him including his now wife, Patti Beranek. Their first album, When The Night, released in 2013 introduced the world to the synth-indie-pop sound of the band with the hit single “Elevate”. Matter, their second album from 2016, brought an even more electronic sound for the group with several popular songs including “Dancing on Glass” and “Physical”.

Hyperion brings an honest message and pure expression of today’s most essential conversations while keeping the music upbeat and dancey. Hyperion is the Greek god of the sun and the moon which signifies the balance between opposing forces and overcoming the negativity with positivity. Hyperion was written to inspire and guide people through music to overcome obstacles like the song “Bigger” that was originally written with his son in mind. The songs “Gun” and “Walking Away” make this album culturally relevant by discussing the gun debate as well as power dynamics between partners. Grobler invites fans to dig deeper into the true meaning of these lyrics, while enjoying the positive encouragement to make a purposeful change.