Ancient Futures 2 Show Preview

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    Fri Oct 12 2018

Author: Nick Thrun

Ancient Futures is a music fest loosely focused on psychedelic and hard rock, featuring 10 bands and beginning at 4pm (doors at 3) on October 11th at the High Noon Saloon.

Vancouver, Canada's THOR are a 1970's heavy metal act who play music that not only sounds and looks tough, but exudes toughness in a special and more literal sense. Frontman Jon Mikl Thor, a champion bodybuilder in the early '70's, went all the way to become both Mr. Canada and Mr. USA, and had his musical start on the Merv Griffin Show in 1973. Combining “his powerful physique with powerful rock,” THOR have attained significant cult status worldwide, Jon even being voted one of the ‘Greatest 100 Frontmen of All Time' in a 2004 UK poll. The music itself appeals to anybody with a heavy metal or glam metal sensibility, containing unrelenting shout-a-longs and old-school riffs to which a good headbanging is irresistible.

Those Poor Bastards play gothic- and doom-influenced country music, and perhaps surprisingly hail from right here in Madison, WI. Thoroughly heretical, thoroughly anti-corporate, the duo plays locally all-too-uncommonly, more often finding themselves at festivals or on tour around the world. Dubbing themselves “legally certified holiness preachers,” their dismal and primitive brand of country is direct and discomforting, delivered through myriad acoustic and electric instruments and unrelenting shrieks, rasps, and hollering.

Another legendary artist primarily active in the 1970's, Cedar Rapids, Iowa's Truth and Janey play hard/psychedelic rock the way psych nuts of today wish they could play it: heavy, loud, and passionate. Only having been active very sporadically in their nearly 50-year history, this show will be a very rare opportunity to see heavy psych served up as raw as it gets. Their seminal 1976 LP, No Rest For the Wicked, now fetches hefty sums of money by collectors.

Other performers at Ancient Futures 2 include Vanishing Kids, Dos Malés, Ruin Dweller, Christian Dior, Name the Moon, Cthonian Lich, and Darker 'n Darker.