We Were Promised Jetpacks Show Review

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    Fri Oct 12 2018

Author: Petey Wehrle

On September 27th Jenn Champion opened up for Scottish indie rockers, We Were Promised Jetpacks for a some-what mismatched night of music.

Champion, touring in support of her latest disc “Singler Rider” brought a poppy edge to her music.With songs like OMG (I'm Over It) and Time To Regulate, Champion channeled early Madonna and Taylor Dane. However much like the mass-produced music of the 80's, it felt at times like the music was too perfect for the show. Most of her set felt pre-programmed, given the reliance on synth instruments and triggered effects. Her stage presence was an interesting blend of dispassionate cool and attempts at choreographed dance moves.

We Were Promised Jetpacks took the stage after Champion, bringing a set focused more on their newer material than on their classic tracks like Roll Up Your Sleeves or Quiet Little Voices. We Were Promised Jetpacks stood as a contrast of confidence delivering a punchy performance that demanded attention. This is not their first trip to Madison. They performed here a few years back. This time they trusted the audience enough to do a more adventurous set and were richly rewarded by the crowd. Tracks from their new album “The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream” like “Impossible” and It's Thunder and Lightning” were played with commanding punch. I hope that one day, Jenn Champion will return with the same level of confidence displayed by the headliners. If so I would gladly go see her. As for the Jetpacks, I am already counting the days until they return to Madison.